The photo above shows the front entrance way to the Headwaters building, a luxurious 12 home condominium property on the waterfront in Menasha. This fine property has individual balconies, soundproof walls and underground parking. Double door elevators with fairly sophisticated programming provide each owner private access to and from their home. Designed & built by Bob Ramsey and a very fine team of hard-working tradesmen and consulting professionals.

Through the decades, projects involved a wide variety of new construction and renovation.  These included many commercial works for restaurants, service stations, hotel renovation and retail shops. Housing creation spanned many years and all the basics of condominium and single-family developments, custom homes, and some of the first "single family condos" in the area. Later, market factors created the opportunity for us to learn enough to engage and carry out some intricate historic restorations.

Over the years, our design/construct activity produced many custom homes. The home designs are generally "open concept" and most have some "design spice", which is to many, an appealing space to dwell.

It has been a long stream of great experience and valuable contributions from a vast number of workmen, established contractors and seasoned engineers that made the results happen. Our greatest thanks and deepest appreciation to all of them. 💜

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